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Why You Need a DICOM PlusPac™ Service Contract

Document capture and archiving are often mission-critical issues. A failure in either of these areas can have profound consequences for company processes, productivity and profit.
  • An equipment failure can result in lengthy downtime until the matter is resolved.
  • Cost of repair is an issue too. Without a service contract, the costs of engineer time and replacement parts can be highly prohibitive.
  • By having a PlusPac™ service contract, service costs can be fixed up-front, and minimum downtime assured.
  • Peace of mind, should a problem occur, DICOM will own it, and guarantee to fix it within the time defined by the PlusPac™ service contract.
  • Expense is easy to budget.
  • Improve productivity.
  • Keeping workflow disruption to a minimum.
  • Professional front-line engineers, highly experienced and manufacturer trained.
  • Backing up the front-line engineers we have a 2nd level support team across EMEA, who are able to liaise directly with the manufacturers and product management, should it prove necessary.
  • Flexibility, with contract periods of 12 or 36 months (other periods available by agreement).
  • A guaranteed fix within the contract time.
  • Availability of consumables kits. PlusPactm contracts are not limited to brand new equipment. We can cover your equipment anytime during its life cycle. This is extremely useful, because as products age their reliability decreases.

Pan-European Cover

Sold a machine to another country? No problem!
  • We offer the same level of cover throughout 19 countries within EMEA
  • Common call management system across EMEA – for good up to date information
  • EMEA wide project pricing
  • EMEA wide price book with individual country pricing
  • EMEA wide Competitive pricing

Other Services

  • Hardware and software Installations
  • User and administrator training, either on-site or in one of our many training centres
  • Equipment lease
  • Consumable kits
  • Spare parts


  • Outsourcing of entire product lifecycle management
  • Price advantage and price guarantee over the contract time (1 year to x years)
  • No additional efforts after the 1st year
  • No additional costs for potential pre-inspections after expired contracts
  • Easy to budget - up-front investment only for one year
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PlusPac™ Hardware Services

About DICOM Flat Rate Services

Service protects the value of your entire DMS investment on a sustained basis – not only the scanner. A badly maintained scanner compromises the image quality and with it
the entire workflow through inaccurate classification and indexing. You can even jeopardise your corporate compliance standards and regulatory requirements because of missing or lost documents, e. g. due to a barcode not recognised correctly. Thanks to the DICOM Flat Rate Service, you don't have to worry about that.