Dear visitors, as you may already know DICOM and Spigraph group have merged earlier this year.
From September 1st, all content available on will be migrated to the Spigraph Group website:
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Document Capture & Image Processing Software

KnowledgeLake Software

KnowledgeLake products extend SharePoint into a comprehensive Document Imaging solution that enables businesses to reduce shipping costs, streamline operations, and achieve regulatory compliance using familiar Microsoft products.
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Kofax Software

Kofax Express makes it easy to scan, organize and store all kind of documents. Kofax VRS Elite automatically examines documents and applies the correct settings to deliver high quality scanned images.
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Document Capture Software Kodak Capture Pro

Kodak Capture Pro Software

KODAK Capture Pro Software lets you quickly convert forms, invoices, patient records and other critical business documents to high-quality images.
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CaptureBites Software

CaptureBites are adding value to capture software applications such as Kofax Express, Kodak Capture Pro or any other capture software that accepts plug-ins.
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