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CaptureBites Software

CaptureBites are software add-ons that make your capture solution work perfectly. CaptureBites are adding value to capture software applications such as Kofax Express, Kodak Capture Pro or any other capture software that accepts plug-ins.


Fully automate the import, image processing, bar code indexing and export of document images.
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Secure File Transfer
Export Connector

Transmit documents and index data to remote sites over a secure and encrypted connection.
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Protected PDF

Export password protected PDFs for confidential and legal documents, medical records, financial statements etc.
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DocuShare Export Connector

Export documents directly into DocuShare collections and map index fields with object properties.
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Digital Imprinter

Imprint your scanned documents electronically during export.
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Folded Form Splitter

Scan folded forms and split the resulting long images in individual pages.
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Booklet Splitter

Scan booklets or saddle stitched books and split the images in individual pages.
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Email Export Connector

Scan batches of documents and assign an email address to each document.
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Export to external media (DVD, USB stick, HDD,…) including a free viewer and search engine.
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Export Connector

Update your database instantly with document index information through ODBC.
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KCIC Web Services Export Connector

Connect a scan client application such as Kofax Express to Kofax Capture.
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Dual Export Connector

Export a single batch of documents in two different file formats to two destinations with a single click.
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Alfresco Export Connector

Scan batches, automatically index them with bar codes or OCR and export directly into Alfresco.
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Do you want to use your capture software with a specific back-end system or do you miss a specific image processing function?  Then contact us.

ERP Document Export Connector for SAP R/3

CaptureBites teamed up with KGS Software to develop the CaptureBites ERP Document Export connector for use with SAP R/3.

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