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DocuShare Export Connector

Export documents directly into DocuShare collections and map index fields with object properties.

Xerox DocuShare features document management, collaboration, review and approval. When coupled with Kofax Express and the CaptureBites™ DocuShare export connnector, DocuShare provides a complete end-to-end document management solution.

The CaptureBites DocuShare Export Connector interacts directly with a DocuShare server and can send documents in PDF or TIFF format to DocuShare collections and sub-collections.  It can also update standard and custom DocuShare object properties with Kofax Express index values.

Learn more about Xerox DocuShare
If you’re not familiar with DocuShare but more familiar with SharePoint, DocuShare collections and sub-collections are similar to libraries and folders in SharePoint. Objects are similar to content types in SharePoint and Object properties are similar to columns in SharePoint. The term “Title” in DocuShare refers to the name of the document as it will appear in the list of documents in a DocuShare collection. For more information about Xerox DocuShare, visit the product page here.
Capabilities of the CaptureBites DocuShare Export Connector are:
  • Test connection with DocuShare server directly from the setup panel
  • Export in TIFF, PDF, PDF/A, Searchable and/or Super Compressed PDF format
  • Browse to a DocuShare collection to define which collection to export documents to
  • Build up a path and title with Kofax Express index fields, system values (export date, time, document number, etc.) or fixed values
  • DocuShare standard properties: Author, Summary, Description and Keywords can be mapped with Kofax Express index fields.
  • Documents can be uploaded as a custom object type (also known as custom document type).
  • Custom object type properties can be mapped with Kofax Express index fields

    For more information regarding the setup of the trial version, please read the instructions on this page