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Booklet Splitter

Scan booklets without cutting and split the resulting images in individual pages

Booklets or saddle stitched books can be easily produced with modern digital copiers. The copier automatically prints pages in the right sequence, folds the paper and staples the book in the middle delivering a nice booklet in the output tray. This booklet format is often used by attorneys or notaries to produce contracts, deeds, statements or notarial acts.

In some countries it is not even allowed to cut these booklets to get loose pages since cutting a legal document would make it invalid.

For scanning, the booklets simply need to be unstapled and unfolded.  After scanning the unfolded booklets with a wide duplex scanner (in case the booklet is A4 or letter size), you end up with A3 (297 × 420 mm) or Ledger sized images (11″x17″) containing 2 pages in an awkward sequence.

For example scanning a booklet with 8 pages like this:

results in a series of images like this:

after processing with the Booklet Splitter CaptureBite, the result looks like this:

Long pages were nicely split in 2, split pages were automatically put in the right sequence and can then be passed on to an export connector of choice such as SharePoint, Standard Multipage, Alfresco, ViewBites etc.  This CaptureBite can split booklets from 4 pages to as  many pages as required.  The splitting and re-ordering is calculated completely automatically.

These are the settings of the booklet splitter:

Notice the “Selection” section in the setup where you can define which images to split.  You can filter images based on page number, size or resolution or a combination of any of these criteria. Any images that do not correspond to these criteria are left untouched.  Also notice the Extra Processing section where you can optionally delete one or more of the cover sheet images.

Whenever you see the info icon  next to a field or option, just hover over it to get some tips.