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Password Protected PDF

Export password protected PDFs for confidential and legal documents, medical records, financial statements etc.

Password protected PDFs are often used for confidential documents, such as legal documents, medical records, financial statements etc.The PDF file format allows two levels of password protection. One level is used to view the PDF using the” Document Open” password, another level is used to set permissions, such as copying, printing, commenting, editing the PDF document etc.

PDF password protection is included in the CaptureBites™ Folder Export Connector.  This connector combines similar functionality as the standard Kofax Express Multipage Export connector with a range of additional powerful features such as PDF password protection.

After downloading the CaptureBites Folder Export connector, install it, open Kofax Express 3.0 and find a sample job called “CaptureBites Password Protected PDF” including a sample batch.  Export the batch and find the result on your desktop in a folder called “CaptureBites after Export”.  The exported PDF files are password protected.  The Open Password = CapBites and the Permission Password = BitesCap.  For more detail how to configure password protected PDF files, see below.

Configuring PDF Password Protection
PDF password protection is included in the CaptureBites Folder Export Connector. When you select PDF as the file type with this connector, you can configure password protection through the Setup button next to the file type drop down box.

Pressing the Setup button, opens the PDF Password Configuration.

For more information about an option, just hover over the information icon  to reveal more details about the option.

Document Open Password
To create non-protected and fully accessible PDF files, just leave both passwords empty. If you only enter the Open Password, anyone who wants to open the PDF in a viewer will require this password.

Permissions Password
If you only enter the Permissions Password, you can allow or disallow certain functions such as printing, changing, copying, etc.  You won’t need the password to open the PDF but certain menu options and features will be disabled in the Adobe reader related to the disallowed permissions. All Adobe products enforce the defined restrictions. But some non-Adobe products do not fully support and respect these settings. Please be aware that you may be able to bypass some of the restrictions using such products.