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ViewBites Portable Document Management

Export to external media (DVD, USB stick, HDD,…) including a free viewer and search engine

ViewBites is ideal for service bureaus who want to deliver scanned documents to their customers on self-contained media. It can also be used for departments who desire the simplicity of all-in-one document media that can be used without any training or complex additional software to retrieve archived documents.

You just insert a DVD, USB stick or other media and find and view documents, it’s that simple.

With ViewBites you can create portable document management media including a viewer and search engine. You have the choice to output on CD, DVD, Blu-ray, USB Media, HDD or anything that can be accessed as a drive.

After scanning, the ViewBites export connector places your documents on the medium of your choice, including an easy to use viewer, fast search engine and configures the medium to launch the viewer automatically when inserted. Anyone who wants to search documents from the portable medium, just needs to insert it. Nothing needs to be installed.

ViewBites media can also include an index file that can be used to import documents and images in a document management system if required.

The ViewBites viewer that comes with this export connector is royalty free and can be distributed on an unlimited number of media and used freely by anyone having access to a Windows PC.

This is how ViewBites looks when it comes up after inserting ViewBites Media:

This demo is about delivering airplane manuals on a USB stick and shows all manuals with the word LANDING in its description. As you type the word LANDING in the Description box, thumbnails are instantly loaded matching your search.

When double clicking on a thumbnail, a full viewer opens and additional options to work with the full image become available:

You can also click anywhere in the image to open a magnifier and inspect small details:

Viewer functions include:

  • Rotate images
  • Print
  • Save one or multiple images as a PDF or TIFF
  • Email as an attachment
  • Copy a page and paste it in any other application supporting images