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Capture for SharePoint

Easily scan a high volume of paper documents
to SharePoint so individuals throughout
your enterprise can quickly access the content
they need to move your business forward.

Once the KnowledgeLake solution was in place, we were able to begin the process of removing file cabinets and reclaiming physical space for other purposes."
Records Manager
Major Federal Agency

Paper-based document management can be a significant expense for enterprises. Searching through paper files is time-consuming, and there’s always the risk that information may be misfiled or lost. What’s more, the costs of storing and distributing paper documents can be excessive.
KnowledgeLake Capture is a high-volume, production-level capture system designed to eliminate these problems. Tightly integrated with Microsoft® SharePoint®, KnowledgeLake Capture enables end users in your corporate headquarters and branch offices to easily scan and index documents, then store them in the appropriate SharePoint repository in TIFF, PDF, PDF/A, searchable PDF, and XPS file formats.


KnowledgeLake provides a comprehensive Document Imaging and Capture solution for managing the capture of your enterprise content using the Microsoft SharePoint platform. Much more than a simple “Scan to SharePoint” application, KnowledgeLake acts as a single, manageable interface to drive the full feature set all of your company’s scanning devices including MFPs, desktop scanners, departmental scanners and production scanners. KnowledgeLake also integrates directly with the user’s desktops for the capture and standardization of electronic content from Microsoft Office, e-mail or even line of business applications.

KnowledgeLake Capture has the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Office software, so users can work within the familiar ribbon bar and application menu of the Office user interface. This Document Imaging and Capture solution is easy to install and configure, and a complete Software Development Kit (SDK) supports extensibility within your organization.

With KnowledgeLake Capture, you can:

  • Easily scan documents in batches
  • Use OCR technology to extract document meta-data from scanned images
  • Use "key from image" technology to easily apply document meta-data
  • Quickly and securely save documents to SharePoint from anywhere you have a web (HTTP) connection

KnowledgeLake Capture along with KnowledgeLake Imaging for SharePoint extends Microsoft SharePoint into a comprehensive platform for Document Imaging and Document Management, providing a complete solution for your Microsoft Document Imaging needs.