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Connect for SharePoint

A powerful and easy-to-use
desktop experience to manage
content in SharePoint
We already had SharePoint specialists who are employed by the school district, and everyone is familiar with Office. It seemed logical to look for a solution that would work with the Microsoft products and leverage the skills we already had in place."
Kathie Tourangeau
District Principal
Edmonton Catholic Schools

KnowledgeLake Connect increases the usability of SharePoint by enabling users to upload, find and view existing SharePoint content from a single application. Connect is now even more deeply integrated with Microsoft Office to allow users to save content to SharePoint directly from within Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint - eliminating extra clicks and browser loading time.

An Introduction to Connect
Tour of Connect Features

KnowledgeLake Connect provides immediate time and cost savings

Powerful Solution at an Affodable Price
Empower users with a robust solution for on-ramping content into SharePoint, applying metadata, browsing and viewing SharePoint content, all from a single desktop solution. Your organization leverages its existing SharePoint investment and Connect integrates with existing business systems, Databases, CRMs and ERPs.

Flexible Implementation
KnowledgeLake Connect compliments both on-premises SharePoint servers and Cloud/Office365 environments. KnowledgeLake Connect does not require any server-side installation.

Easy to Use & Configure
Connect is easy and quick to install with little to no user training required. Administrators love the configuration wizard and users love the familiar Microsoft Office-like interface.

Configuration Demonstration

KnowledgeLake Connect reduces manual keystrokes and improves data integrity

Microsoft Office Integration
KnowledgeLake Connect enables seamless integration between Outlook and SharePoint, that empowers users to easily manage email messages and attachments. Users can easily save emails and attachments in SharePoint and automatically capture email metadata using drag and drop – all without ever leaving Outlook.
  • Save content directly to SharePoint in its native format, or as PDF or XPS files, from within Microsoft Office.
  • Work faster and leaner using the KnowledgeLake indexing panel that appears right inside of Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This convenient feature allows you to index your content with powerful metadata before releasing it to SharePoint for later search and retrieval.

Microsoft Add-Ins Demonstration

Explore SharePoint For Documents From Your Desktop
Access all SharePoint content (2007, 2010, 2013, SharePoint Online/Office 365) from a single application – eliminating extra clicks and browser loading time. Easily view documents and manage SharePoint properties without launching native applications, using the lightweight Connect Viewer.

Explore Mode Demonstration

Upload Content Quickly
Save content on an ad-hoc basis - such as Office documents, PDF files and e-mail messages in a single step. KnowledgeLake Connect also provides scanning of documents using the same rich client experience.

Upload Demonstration

Search SharePoint Content
Perform keyword or metadata searches of SharePoint content. Take advantage of Saved SharePoint searches and create “Favorites” on the fly.

Search and View Demonstration
Lightweight Viewer Provides Quick Access to Content in SharePoint
Quickly view SharePoint content with Connect’s desktop viewer for Office documents and most Image file types. Easily review, edit and save document properties from within the desktop viewer for Connect.

Easily Apply Metadata to Documents for Faster Retrieval
All users in your organization can easily and accurately index documents from any desktop application, and then save these documents to a SharePoint document library. Take advantage of automatic indexing and data validation for increased accuracy and efficiency.