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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kofax Express?
Kofax Express is an easy-to-use, batch-oriented document scan application capable of high-speed scanning with real-time image display, indexing, and bar code detection. Kofax VRS technology is built into the application to ensure optimal image quality. Kofax Express can export captured content to a folder that is accessible to your document management or storage system. Kofax Express can also export content directly to Kofax Capture or Microsoft SharePoint.

Kofax Express supports six license levels and a wide range of scanners.
What is the difference between Kofax Express and Kofax Capture?
Kofax Express is designed for basic batch scanning, while Kofax Capture is an enterprise-level solution that supports the following advanced features:


  • Separate stations for indexing, verification, or export
  • Custom modules
  • Scripting
  • Multiple document classes
  • Classification
  • Distributed scanning


Kofax Capture is the perfect upgrade to Kofax Express when you need additional features and enhanced scalability.

Why should I use Kofax Express?

Kofax Express is built by Kofax, the market leader in professional and production batch scanning.


With this application, Kofax has delivered on its commitment to a first-rate user experience supported by a user-friendly interface. Kofax Express features the full Microsoft Office 2007 user experience and SmoothViewTM technology, allowing the user to move and zoom pages easily and quickly. The unique visual representation of documents and pages cannot be found anywhere else.


Kofax VRS fully integrated into Kofax Express; all Kofax VRS features are available directly from the Kofax Express user interface. You can also use Kofax VRS correction settings to adjust the image quality after scanning. Not only are the Kofax VRS features brought to the application level, but important scanner features such as color drop out and multifeed settings are also available.


Kofax Express is also the only batch scanning application that supports the ability to run Kofax VRS on multi-core computers for maximum performance and rated speed scanning. 

Can anybody sell Kofax Express, or is there a certification process?
Kofax Express has been designed for ease of use. Users and partners won't need certification or in-depth training to be able to use the product. They can rely on the Kofax Express Getting Started Guide and Help that are delivered with the product, as well as the online tutorial that is available from
How many Kofax Express license levels are there?

There are six license levels available to match the type of scanner you are using:

  • Kofax Express Desktop: typically up to 25 ppm
  • Kofax Express Workgroup: typically up to 50 ppm
  • Kofax Express Production Low-Volume: approximately 80 ppm
  • Kofax Express Production Mid-Volume: approximately 90 ppm
  • Kofax Express Production High-Volume: approximately 100 ppm
  • Kofax Express Production Super High-Volume: typically more than 120 ppm
  • Koax Express Workstation – used für adding additional indexing, recognition or export stations
How do I determine which license level is right for me?
Visit the Kofax online scanner configurator. Alternatively, consult the Kofax Express Scanner Certification list.

Please note that occasionally Kofax categorizes scanners differently than their manufacturers do (for example, the manufacturer's "Workgroup" scanner may be classified by Kofax as a Desktop scanner; or the manufacturer's "Production" scanner may be classified by Kofax as a Workgroup scanner).
Are there differences among the license levels?
here is no difference in the feature set; all Kofax Express features are available with each license level.
Is Kofax Express available in different languages?
Yes, Kofax Express is available in the following languages:
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Russian

The Kofax Express installer automatically detects the locale associated with your Windows operating system and installs the appropriate localized edition of the product. If the installer detects a locale that is not associated with the preceding list of supported languages, Kofax Express is installed in English.

To ensure that Kofax Express is installed in the language you desire, please verify that the system locale is properly defined for your Windows operating system. 

Does Kofax Express support bar code detection?
Yes, the Kofax Express bar code engine can read almost every 1D and 2D bar code in use today, including those obscured with stamps, handwriting, or stains. Scanning in color improves accuracy even further, allowing flawless decoding of bar codes read at low resolutions (100 or 150 dpi). The Kofax Express bar code engine detects bar codes wherever they are placed on a page, even when they are skewed.

In Kofax Express, you can use bar codes in index fields and also for document separation.
Where do I find the answers to my questions on how to use Kofax Express?
The Kofax Express Getting Started Guide included in the downloaded files will guide you through the installation procedure. The guide is also available in PDF format on the Support pages of the Kofax Web site:

A 10-minute, narrated tutorial is also available to learn about the application. To view the tutorial, select the Help tab, go to the Help group, and click the Tutorial button. As another option, start your browser and go to

Online Help is available by clicking F1 at any time while Kofax Express is running, by clicking the question mark button in the upper right corner of the interface, or by clicking the Help button on the Help tab.

If the Kofax Express literature and the current FAQs do not provide you with the information you need, please visit our Knowledgebase to search for the information.

What's new in Kofax Express?

Maintenance & Support

Do I have to buy maintenance for Kofax Express in order to get support?
Yes, there is a mandatory first-year maintenance agreement sold with the product license.
Is it important that correct user information be provided at the time of purchase?
Yes, if the user information you provide to Technical Support doesn't match the information submitted at the time of purchase, you will not be able to get support from Kofax.
Can I get an evaluation license for Kofax Express and can I get support for it?
When you download the Kofax Express software from our Web site, you will be able to use it for 15 days without any kind of limitation. Once the 15 days are over, the software will switch to demo mode and a demo stamp will be applied to every scanned image.

You cannot get support from Kofax Technical Support if you haven't purchased a valid license. If you require assistance during the evaluation period, please contact your Kofax sales manager or sales engineer, or send an email to
How can I upgrade to the latest release of Kofax Express?
Existing customers current with Support can go to the Kofax Electronic Fulfillment site and download the latest version of Kofax Express.
Will my hardware key still work when I upgrade from Kofax Express 1.1 to Kofax Express 2.0?
Yes, your hardware key will still work when you upgrade your existing installation to Kofax Express 2.0. The hardware key will serve as your Kofax Express 2.0 license, as you will not be upgraded to e-licensing if you already have a Kofax Express 1.1 hardware key.
I am upgrading from Kofax Express 1.1 and I would like to use a software license. Is that possible? We are not providing an upgrade from hardware keys to software licenses. Please contact your Kofax sales representative ( for more information on Kofax Express licensing.
We are not providing an upgrade from hardware keys to software licenses. Please contact your Kofax sales representative ( for more information on Kofax Express licensing.
Are hardware key licenses still available?
Please contact your Kofax Sales representative ( if you require a hardware key.
Who should I contact for Technical Support?
Please visit the following page to determine how to contact Technical Support for Kofax Express:
Are there any known issues or compatibility issues with Kofax Express?
It's always a good idea to read the release notes before installing Kofax Express. Visit the Online Documentation section of the Support pages on the Kofax Web site at for the latest version of the release notes.