cross-border service

Following a series of growth-driving acquisitions and a strategic partnership with New Penn Motor Express, Dicom is proud to introduce cross-border LTL services. Dicom now offers cross-border full-truckload, cross-border less-than-truckload, and cross-border parcel services. A logical continuation of the strong growth Dicom has had in Canada and the United States, our new cross-border service is the fastest and most reliable in North America. Our cross-border service is aimed at companies that regularly use ground shipping for parcel, LTL, and full-truckload quantities, and require expertise and speed to cross the border, both north and south-bound. Our customers agree: Dicom’s cross-border service is synonymous with speed, reliability, and efficiency.

Each Dicom customer has a unique need, which calls for an equally unique solution. We have the experience and expertise to create one for you. For shipments of any size: parcel, LTL, full truckload, trust Dicom to build and execute a service that improves your speed-to-market, creates cost efficiencies, provides the reliability of on-time delivery, or uses a unique IT solution that gives you an advantage in the marketplace. Dicom’s cross-border services make shipping goods between Canada and the United States simple, fast, and economical.

A fast, reliable, and economical cross-border service between Canada and the United States.

Use Dicom to make cross-border transportation your competitive advantage.

For your parcel and LTL shipments, we offer the fastest service and the widest network in Central and Eastern Canada and the Northeastern US; and our full-truckload service extends into the Midwestern US. Due to our large terminal count, Dicom is closer to shippers than any other carrier, which allows our customers faster transit times, better end-of-day pickup, and morning delivery service. Be sure to ask about Dicom’s other services available in both Canada and the United States, which include retail pool distribution, final-mile services, and outsourced freight management, and about our expertise in retail and healthcare logistics.

A team of competent specialists

With its very strict set of rules and procedures, cross-border shipping is no simple task. Let our experts guide you: They’ll help simplify your shipments to the United States or Canada and eliminate every hurdle.

Our team of 2,000 drivers will handle the job and give you the peace of mind of knowing that your shipments will be delivered quickly and safely across the border with second-day on-time delivery.

Cross-border 2-day services

48 h
95% of cross-border shipments are delivered in 2 days, and some are delivered in 24 h!
One of the widest package-shipping networks in the Northeastern United States and Canada: 67 terminals allow us to cover all of Quebec and Ontario as well as 12 U.S. states.
Every day, our 2,000 drivers deliver more than 75,000 packages to Canada and the United States!
  • Option to combine different shipments into one
  • The geographically widest network
  • Customer Experience Management Centre for Canada and the United States