Dicom makes transportation and logistics simple.

Our services and processes are designed to help you meet the needs of your customers, day in and day out. Our Guiding Principles – Learn, Validate, Create, Execute, Measure and Improve – are the basis of every engagement, across all businesses and industries as we manage movement through virtually every mode of transportation.

Our Customer Driven Transportation Solution Development process creates value through close collaboration. In partnership with the customer, together we establish parameters, data, goals and solutions. That process includes:

Process Mapping
  • White-board existing “as is” state
  • Discuss challenges and goals
  • Provide document of understanding
Value Proposition
  • Obtain stakeholders agreement on solution(s)
  • Establish an implementation schedule and benchmarks
  • Agree on KPIs and KPI reporting
Data Collection
  • Collect all required data on costs, service, lead time
  • Benchmark “as is” state
  • Establish targets and impact of improvements
  • Begin implementing the solution
  • Ongoing KPI tracking
  • Adjustments as needed
  • Evaluate alternatives to achieve stated goals
  • Finalize and detail solution options
  • Identify and prioritize alternative solutions
Go Live
  • Monitor and identify market changes, changes in the supply chain, acquisitions, regulations, etc.