Dicom launches


Dicom advances mobile technology through WorkSmart mobile platform.

Dicom files four new patent applications since early 2016.

Dorval, September 28, 2016 – Dicom Transportation Group, a North American leader in integrated transportation services, announced today the launch of a new mobile program leveraging smart phone technology. WorkSmart is a newly developed platform that allows Dicom drivers to use any mobile device to digitally execute the pickup and delivery process.

“This innovation will not only increase our drivers’ productivity and improve our operations, but will also enhance the customer experience by leveraging the latest in smart phone technology,” said Scott Dobak, Dicom’s Chief Executive Officer. “Innovation is more than just a word at Dicom, it’s part of the Dicom culture, which has been delivering results for customers in Canada and the U.S. since 1968.”

These technological advancements are only part of the innovations happening at Dicom, both in Canada and the United States. Dicom has invested heavily in developing transportation technologies over the past several years in an effort to constantly improve the customer experience. Four technology-based patents, including WorkSmart, have been filed in 2016 and customers can expect to see more innovations in the coming months.

“WorkSmart is currently being used by over fifty percent of our drivers and is providing significant benefits for our customers and drivers,” said Kirk Serjeantson, Dicom’s Chief Information Officer. “This product reflects the innovative spirit of our technology team and is just one of the innovations released during the third and upcoming fourth quarter of 2016.”

WorkSmart is currently being used across the Canadian network and will be rolled out to the Eastern United States during 2016.

About Dicom Transportation Group.
Dicom is a transportation and logistics company headquartered in Montreal with offices throughout the United States and Canada. Dicom operates three business segments: parcel, freight, and logistics. Services provided include overnight and second-day parcel, freight transportation, freight management, and final mile services. For more information, visit www.dicom.com