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Dicom Express in a few words

Founded in 1968 as a courier service with a single car and driver, Dicom now serves customers across a wide range of industries, modes of transportation, and throughout all of North America, fulfilling 75,000 shipments a day.

Dicom meets the needs of business-to-business customers in the U.S. and Canada through express, freight and logistics services, tailored to each and every one of those customers’ unique needs and requirements.

Dicom Express

Transporting greater than 10-million packages per year, Dicom Express is a small-package courier company offering both ground and air transportation services within Ontario and Quebec, and to all cities in Western Canada as well as the Atlantic Provinces. Dicom Express was the first company to be created and is now one of the three subsidiaries of the Dicom Group, whose head office is in Montreal (10500 av Ryan, Dorval, Qc, H9P 2T7).

Dicom Freight

Acting as a complement to the other two Dicom Group companies, Dicom Freight transports more than one million tons per year, and maintains a robust network in Ontario and Quebec. Dicom Freight offers expedited LTL and TL transportation services within Ontario and Quebec, and to all cities and towns in Atlantic and Western Canada.

Dicom Freight also offers intermodal transportation from Ontario and Quebec into Western Canada.

Dicom Logistics

A transportation and logistics management company specializing in innovative, customer-specific business solutions with a focus on reducing costs while optimizing network efficiency. Dicom Logistics’s services include cross-docking, freight consolidation, and complete freight management systems.

With the combination of its three businesses, Dicom offers the largest and fastest private delivery network in Quebec and Ontario