A peak-season surcharge will be applied to parcels delivered to a residential address or a low commercial density area. For more information, click here.


General Rate Increase

Effective December 30, 2019, Dicom will apply a rate increase of an average of 4.1% to Parcel and Freight rates. The increase will affect all minimum base rates and additional per pound rates, as well as select changes to fees and surcharges.

Some notable changes for 2020 include:


  2019 2020
Residential Area Surcharge $3.05 per shipment $3.25 per shipment
Ontario Surcharge 0.5% of invoice
No longer applicable
Manual Shipping $2.15 per shipment $3.25 per shipment
Shipment Containing More Than 4 PCS $1.15 per piece $1.95 per piece
Non-Conveyable $12.20 per piece

$12.45 per piece


The new fees and surcharges will be available under the useful documents section for both Parcel and Freight by December 1, 2019.

New surcharges for 2020 will be marked with a *


In order to offer a competitive advantage and simplify your shipping needs, Dicom continues to
integrate with GLS to enhance our coverage and service offerings in the effort to provide the
highest quality of transportation services.